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I get a lot of questions and comments through e-mails, so I thought it would be helpful and/or amusing to everybody if I posted them here.  If you see yourself on here and don't want your name displayed, or if you don't want any part of your e-mail made public, let me know and I will remove it.  However, if I deem you to be an idiot, I will post your name and e-mail address, and any other contact info you are stupid enough to send me.  No more Mr. Nice Guy!

Thanks for putting up the information on your website about tips.  As you stated this has always been a big discussion on all forums I frequent.  You explained things very well.  I really liked the part about things not to say when you are stiffing.  I have seen so many people do many of those things.  It is sad.  I have been surprised by waitresses getting back to me quickly before and not having my money ready.  I discussed this with my husband as well and we both agree now that you pointed it out that it waists your time.  If you are very busy I see how waiting for people could put you behind.  The main time I have had this happen to me is when I have ordered a water and the waitress hands it to me right off her tray.  From now on I will have my tip ready when I order so if it gets there quicker than I thought, I won't be making the server wait.



This is why I rarely give away extra drinks on my tray.  People usually aren't prepared to get a drink that fast, and also, people are more apt to tip if they think you went to get it rather than just hand them one right away.  Sometimes I'll even just walk around the row of machines or tables.  Then it's, "Wow - that was fast!" and I impress the customer and may even get a bigger tip.  Airhead waitress my ass!

Great site, good clean comedy!  Here's my question.  Once a year the old college buddies and I make our annual pilgrimage to Vegas, (still trying to hold on to our youth as desperately as we are to our hairlines).  We often enjoy the witty banter and repartee of a cocktail sever who understands how easily money can be made from smiling pleasantly at men who have little left in life except endless mortgage payments, college tuitions, eventual strokes and adult diapers.   As you have noted the mathematical formula on your site of "bigger tits=bigger tips" and referenced many skilled surgeons in that field, my question is this:  Since you have enhanced your already preposterous beauty, is it in poor taste for us to blatantly stare at the work of such fine physicians?  Please note:  We are from Ohio, seeing one, let alone dozens, of paralyzingly beautiful women, scantily clad, bearing alcohol, is akin to witnessing an alien invasion....unbelievable.!  So we stare....we try not to...we even try to speak...but the loss of blood flow restricts our movements such that we are rarely able to observe anything above the neckline.  Should we even try to hide this fact, or go blind looking just as our mother's told us?  DAMN THESE EYES!!!



Cincinnati, Ohio

Oh, Jay...has college taught you nothing?  I hate to contradict your mother but, looking doesn't cause blindness, point your hairy palms elsewhere.  The answer is, yes, of course it's in poor taste, but now that I see the direction your life is taking, go ahead and stare.  Just remember, those fine physicians cost a lot of money, so make sure you still have enough clarity and movement to follow that mathematical formula.

Love the website.

I did not see the drink 7 & 7 mentioned, but I was glad to see that it was NOT mentioned under old white guys. LOL

Friend of mine just moved from the central coast of Ca and bought into Sammy’s Dog House.

They say it’s the best pastrami sandwich in Vegas.

Thanks for the tip info.


Didn't I put 7&7 under HOT Young White Guys?  Haven't been to Sammy's but I love pastrami sandwiches.  I'll have to check it out.


That last one (August 2005 Daily Rounds) was , shall we say, interesting?  Or, more correctly, repulsive.

I've enjoyed reading your entries.  And, your posts on LVTalk.

Thank you,



Please have mercy on us and move that hairy guys' ass somewhere else.





Dollie - you know I love ya, but I really wish you would have put some sort of warning on your August Daily Rounds...

I was drinking from a can of coke when I hit the page down key for the 'punchline'...

I still love ya Dollie - even tho I have Coke sprayed all over my monitor.


How do you think I felt waking up next to the guy?

just wanted to say , i enjoy your little journal. quite humorous. i am heading to vegas aug 29-sept12 and i will be on the lookout to see you.

take care, and enjoy life



Hi Dollie,

My wife and I will be in Las Vegas for 5 days starting on the 24th. We'll be looking for you!

We love reading your daily rounds. We found your site a while back through The Las Vegas advisor web site.

Jim & Paula


coming to vegas with wife an friends oct 2 -5   will be staying at paris and  mandalay bay  also going to site see wynn  and hardrock  hope to see  yea  thankyou for the insight to tipping

love to read your   daily feats   or rounds



Hi ya Dollie,

Was a cool freakin site. I just love it. So much info I never knew and NEEDED to.

What a gorgeous lady you are and the baby is so handsome. You must be so proud.

Are you allowed to tell us what casino your at? Mom, sister and I will be in town 9/29-10/3 and would love to meet you ( I promise to tip and have tip ready when you get there LOL)

Thanks for the site really appreciate your help!



Fresno CA

Don't know if you saw me or not.  Apparently, people don't recognize me in person.  In any case, I hope you had a great visit!

I havnt been to your site for a while, the last time you were pregnant, now i see you had a very good looking boy CONGRATS don

Thanks Don.  I think he's quite scrumptious too.

hey there, i just wanted to say that your site was very informative and very funny. Keep up the good work, and i've even posted one of your entries on my blog...

if you'd like, check it out at

good luck on your future endeavors, and congrats on the baby :)


I've got you on my favorites!

Cool web site. Informative too.
Just wanted to say I always order coffee and a bottled water. It's not to score "two" drinks. I enjoy coffee for coffee sake but it leaves me thirsty and thats what the water is for.
To date, I have never been refused the water...ever. I've always tipped a dollar. Was I supposed to tip $2? It never ocurred to me.



You are allowed two drinks if one or both are non-alcoholic.  That extra dollar is not going to make or break a cocktail waitress, but you should never tip less than a dollar a drink.


Love the site and love the info.  Nice to know my dollar tip isn’t being cheap.  Also nice to know I never got a second drink as I probably wouldn’t have tipped the second time – not being cheap so much as just stupid.  Now I know – I won’t ‘skip’ tips.  :)

I just got one question for you – Did you get hit with another virus or something?  I understand the Daily Rounds are updated daily or ‘whenever I damn will feel like it!’ – so daily is more of a guideline than a hard fact.  If you miss a day, I’m cool.  If you miss a week, I can deal with it.  A month – no problem.

At two and a half months, I have to ask if there’s an issue.  Not being impatient.  Just being a nosy bastard.

Also – yes, the song is cool.  After 2 months, it’s getting old.  Not to mention it scares the shit out of me half the time because I forget it’s there.

Anyway – love the site.  Hope you come back soon.



I admit I am a slacker, but sometimes, believe it or not, all you have to do is refresh the page.  Now, the catch-22 is, how do you know you have to refresh the page if you have to refresh the page to see this message?  Hmmm....

Hi Dollie,

I like your updated website, but it threw me off at first. I had bookmarked your old FAQ page which is how I got to your Daily Rounds (not sure why I did it that way). Anyway, the old FAQ page is still around and linked to the old Daily Rounds, so I was just assuming you hadn't posted any new rounds for a couple of months for some reason (illness, prison, practicing for next year's American Idol). Then I clicked on "Home" and saw that you have a whole new look. I like that it doesn't have the double scroll bars anymore: much easier to read.

And now I have a couple of months of Daily Rounds "saved up" so how much better can life get? Seriously, I love your wit and the way you describe the crazy things that happen to you. I hope to run into you at work someday and see how many clueless questions I can ask you before you realize that I read your site and smack me with your tray. So, do you live around here?


Hey, Jim, maybe you can help out Dave (above).  By the way, I like how you snuck in "prison" between concern (illness) and flattery (practicing for American Idol).  I'll be sure to save a special smack just for you.

Will you be posting more new pics soon?


Probably not in Pics of the Week.  Honestly, here's how I feel about modeling: it's stupid.  Unless you are making money at it, it's the most narcissistic waste of time I can think of.  My boyfriend is a photographer and I would say that 90% of the "models" he shoots are just girls who have an hyper inflated image of themselves.  These are the same girls who go on Howard Stern and want him to evaluate them for Playboy, then cry and make excuses (I'm on my period so I'm bloated, I gave birth to three kids right before the show so that's why I have stretch marks, my dog ate my face so that's why I'm fucking ugly...but usually I'm hot, at least that's what all the drunk guys tell me when I go out to the clubs every weekend.) when he tells them they look like Roseanne Barr pre-plastic surgery.  So why did I take the pictures to begin with?  When I first started this web site it was really just a joke, a sarcastic and fun way to rant about my job.  I did it for my friends who knew me and I knew would understand my sense of humor and not take it seriously.  But I also wanted to generate new visitors and keep them coming back, so what better way is there than adding some trashy pictures?  I hate everything about modeling; I hate getting ready, I hate posing, I hate changing clothes...I am the worst model my boyfriend has ever worked with.  In no way do I claim to be a model or even impersonate one.  Anyway, now that my web site has been around awhile, my pseudo-modeling days are over.  I will only take pictures if I'm drunk.

Hi Dollie

Love your website its very fun and informative.

I really enjoy the daily round stories which is very fun to read while I'm taking a break at work.

Personally I like the section that you have on who orders what and how to order. One question on the section on who orders what when you put in these drinks that Asians drink Heineken, Gin & Tonic etc are they for Asian guys or girls. Just curious.

Now everytime I go into a bar or order a drink at Casio I try  to remember Dollie's how to order a drink rules.

Have a nice day


Usually Asian men order Heinekens and Asian women order gin and tonics.

My wife and I just wanted to thank you for your site.
We are coming to Las Vegas next month and the only real concern I have about the trip is how to act with all the Vegasism's, however your site cleared up most of my concerns! Now if you could just tell us where to not lose money while gambling and this trip would be perfect!

We both enjoyed your web-site, very informative, realistic, honest and loads of help for the Vegas neophyte type such as ourselves. I can't believe I forgot to mention humorous as well, we were both laughing going through things. I hope the bulk of folks we deal with while we are there are at least close to your standard. Thanks again and your son is very cute, congratulations.

T&K Cramer

Well, I don't know which machines are the lucky ones, but I know one thing for sure, don't hit the ATM - you will lose 100% of the time.

This may be an oddball question.....Any casinos serve IBC root beer?


I doubt it, at least not in the casino or at the bars.  All the non-alcoholic drinks served are called "mixers," that is, they can be mixed with alcohol to make a cocktail.  So you will have your basic sodas like Coke, Diet Coke, 7UP, ginger ale, soda, and tonic.  Juices will be orange, cranberry, pineapple, sweet and sour, tomato, and clamato.  If you are a high roller you can probably get things not normally offered, like Diet 7UP, mango juice, or even IBC Root Beer.

Dear Dollie,
Do the waitresses at the higher end hotels such as The Bellagio, expect a bigger tip than say, your average downtown casino? This would be for me, sitting at a poker table, probably in a tournament, as I don't play cash games.... Thanks for your time :) @};-


I don't know if they "expect" a bigger tip, but they are probably "accustomed" to it.  If you tipped a dollar a drink at Bellagio you would probably receive a polite thank you.  If you tipped the same dollar at Whiskey Pete's in Primm, you'd probably get a drink every two minutes and have to tip the waitress another dollar to leave you alone.

I work with a guy ,that when he goes to Vegas, he tips CW and dealers with Be our guest cards, called BOG . Food meal cards good at , say a , McDonalds .

free value meals ect, I thought that was pretty cheap of him, maybe you have heard of this,, I lauged out loud for sure, since has money to burn , and gets the meal cards for nothing !! let me know, you may have run into him !! thanks,, Jim

Oh yeah, the BOG guy.  I thought it stood for Big Ole Gilbo.  I hope he's lovin' it!

Hi Dollie

By happenstance I found your site, after that I wasn't able to leave it without reading everything.  My name is George and live in Louisville, Kentucky being from the middle America it's refreshing to find someone who is to the point and treat people for who they are and not for the size of their bankroll.  That being said you have the savvy to handle difficult situations.  I been to Vegas several times in the last few years and always wondered how the heck young women like yourself put up with all the rude and crude people.  As a business owner I understand how the public treats the front line employees like yourself.  All I can say is you do an amazing job and earn every dollar.  I really loved your site and all the info about tipping and the stories about people you meet.  I myself do strike up conversations with people  while  Iam playing or late at night to a cocktail waitress because everyone has a different take on life.  Dollie keep the daily rounds coming.  Hope to run into you next trip to Vegas and pay you a compliment in person.

See Ya,


Thanks George, if you do see me I'd love to meet you.

Hi Dollie,
I was curious about your 2 dogs. What breed are they? They're both so cute, and I've seen Chows before, but none that look like yours. Did you getthem from the same breeder? I enjoyed reading your website too!


Both are Chows.  That's their story and they're sticking to it.  The black one, Belle, my boyfriend got before he met me, but we're pretty sure she's a purebred.  She has the Chow temperament.  The other one, Sasha, my boyfriend got for me as a present.  We went to somebody's house and she was the only puppy left.  We paid $500.00 for her, and boy did it turn out to be a raw deal.  She's got a crooked lower fang that sticks out when she closes her mouth so she looks defective, and in this case looks are pretty accurate.  She once spent ten minutes barking at my shoe.  They say a dog is only as smart as its owner.  She takes after my boyfriend.

i don't mean to argue with you, you're the cocktail waitress and I'm not. I'm just surprised at your observation of what rednecks drink. See I'm a redneck and the only thing on that list that I wouldn't sneer at a buddy for ordering is the Yukon Jack (though I steer clear of sweet stuff myself). What happened to Good old fashioned Beer? Or whiskey, or even Tequila?
I would personally make anybody that came to my deer camp with a bottle of Ameretto, walk home.

Thet's amaretta, as enny true redneck kin tell yo'. An' befo'e yo' reckon ah jest fell off th' turnip truck, take a look at th' yo'ng white guys likkers list. Thar's some crost-breedin' gwine on, as enny fool kin plainly see.

For more fun with dialects, visit The Dialectizer.

Thanks...In the future, I will tip in advance!


I'm sure the waitresses will appreciate it!

Dollie – I ran across your website – and its great!

I love the tips (especially on tipping) me and my wife have been to Vegas a few times, and we always tip (even if it’s just coke) – like you said – bringing a drink is service.

It cracks me up the people who think they’re getting ripped off with their ‘free drinks’.  I mean, if its watered down or not, who cares – its free!

I’ve got to say – your pictures are very sexy – and your baby boy is adorable!

Keep up the webpage – lots of good info and stories on there!

Don’t work too hard out there!


That gives me an idea.  I could offer watered down drinks for free, and unwatered down drinks for a dollar.  Oh wait, I already do that.  Just kidding.  Unwatered down drinks are five dollars.

Just wanted to tell you how informative and funny your site was.  You should seriously consider combining your stories and writing a book!

I am a middle aged straight woman who visits LV about once a year so I'm definately not trying to "meet and greet".  Just a new fan, who will hear your literary voice each time I have an interaction with a cocktail waitress.  Thank you for your insights!  Tricia from CT.

PS  Your little guy is absolutely gorgeous!  God Bless

My boyfriend doesn't like being called the "little guy"...oh, you mean my son!  Yeah, he's my yummy.  We're engaged.


I'm going to Vegas in three weeks for the first time ever. I found a link to your site on the Las Vegas Advisor forums. Your site is great. I plan on using your ordering and tipping tips when I'm there. Thanks to you, I shouldn't look like too much of an idiot!
Well, we'll see...


Just remember:  Idiot with a Big Tip = Genius Who Will Receive Many Strong Hygienic Drinks in a Timely Manner with a Smile.

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